St Mary's stained glass window


Below is the list of lessons and lesson readers for the next few weeks

DateSunday ThemePew Bible Page Nos.LessonsReaders
05-MayEaster 21102Acts 9.1-6[7-20]Melanie Grosse
1237Rev 5.11-14Kate Joynson
1090John 21.1-19
12-MayEaster 31103Acts 9.36-endRobin Willis
1238Rev 7.9-endJohn Willis
1077John 10.22-30
19-MayEaster 41105Acts 11.1-18Juliet Edmonstone
1249Rev. 21.1-6David Miller
1082John 13.31-35
26-MayEaster 51111Acts 16.9-15Elizabeth Roads
1249Rev. 21.10,22-22.5Christopher Roads
1082John 14.23-29

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Instructions for Lesson Readers Autumn 2014