St Mary’s Donations to Charities

Saint Mary’s makes regular donations to other charities. This is controlled by the Vestry through our Church Giving Fund, which is ring fenced for this purpose. Contributions to the fund come from the St. Mary’s budget and from regular special collections at services held during the year.


Members of the congregation are encouraged to nominate charities that they wish to benefit by a donation from the Church Giving Fund. Special Collections at the Harvest Thanksgiving and Christmas Carol services are set aside for donations by St. Mary’s to registered UK charities proposed by members of the congregation and approved by the Vestry. Priority is given to supporting the work of charities in which members of the congregation are personally involved. Full details are given in our annual report and accounts.

Past Giving

St Mary’s made donations in years past to;

  • Trossachs Mountain Rescue
  • Greenshoots
  • Glasgow City Mission
  • Maxie Richards Foundation
  • CINI – for young mothers
  • CINI – Tsunami relief
  • Art Link Central
  • The Callander Youth Project
  • Christian Aid (Lenten Appeal)
  • Opportunity International
  • Fairbridge in Scotland
  • The British Red Cross Japanese Tsunami appeal
  • Artlink Central
  • Chesney Trust
  • Pump Aid
  • Diocesan Lent Appeal


The Chesney Trust

The Chesney Trust for Education in Malawi is a charity registered in Scotland (SC 037540) in October 2006 and a registered International Non-Governmental Organisation in Malawi. The Trust was founded by Janet Chesney after a two-year voluntary teaching placement in Nkhamenya, Malawi on the Scottish Churches World Exchange programme. Janet is a member of the congregation at St Mary’s.

This experience inspired the foundation of the Trust, whose objects are:

(a) to advance the education of girls in Northern Malawi, by means of funding a project which is building a girls’ secondary school (called the Edinburgh Girls’ High School) in Engcongolweni, in Mzimba District;

(b) to improve the infrastructure (roads, water, electricity, employment opportunities) and health facilities of the surrounding area for the benefit of the local community.

Information on the achievements and the plans for the school are given in the Annual Report and Financial Statement and Project Plan, which can be found at

For more information please use the link above.

Maxie Richards Organisation

The Maxie Richards Foundation was launched over 10 years ago by the Scottish Episcopalian, Maxie Richards. Its aim is to advance the education of people about the misuse of prescribed drugs, alcohol and tobacco; to relieve the suffering and stress of people addicted to such drugs and to provide education about related social, sexual and health problems. Maxie Richards was ‘called’ to help drug addicts. She takes them into her home and provides rehabilitation care, where they can start leading normal lives and helping in the community. We may not be called to do what Maxie does, but as her website says, as people of God it is our privilege to be able to pray conscientiously for addicts and those seeking to help them.  The Maxie Richards centre is in Glasgow.

Pump Aid

Pump Aid tackles poverty by working with local communities to establish sustainable supplies of clean water for improved health and increased agricultural production

To break the cycle of poverty in Africa, access to clean water for drinking and water for irrigation must be improved. Pump Aid builds appropriate technology water pumps, called Elephant Pumps that can be maintained by poor rural communities without any outside assistance.

These pumps provide clean drinking water and can also be used to sustain crops during the dry season or through periods when rains fail, as they have done this year.

Pump Aid works mainly in Zimbabwe but is currently expanding operations into Malawi and Mozambique. There have also been requests for Pump Aid to assist in several other African countries.

The website is at

Christian Aid

We also donate each year to the annual Christian Aid appeal.  Jean Sykes is the local co-ordinator for Christian Aid. If you would like to assist Christian Aid in any way please contact her for information.

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