Linkage Bulletin for week commencing 10th July 2017

Notices for week beginning 10th July 2017


St Mary’s Third Sunday at three concert series

The next concert will be held this coming Sunday 16th July at 15.00 and provided by Feis Fhiort. These are young musicians play fiddles, clarsach, guitar, mandolin with Gaelic singing. Tickets £10.00 at the door


 The Callander and Trossachs Summer Fest runs in Callander from the 16th to the 30th July with a variety of daily activates. Brochures are available at St Andrews


The Linkage Annual Trip

This will be held on Monday 31st July with the destination being Callander House Falkirk. Callander House dates from the 14th century but was rebuilt in the 19th in French chateau style fused with Scots Baronial. It is set in the nationally important historic designed landscape of Callander Park, which contains a section of the Antonine Wall World Heritage Site. The estate was originally one of the seats of the Thanes of Callander (note spelling) who also had a castle close to St Kessog’s Manse by the river Teith in our Callander.

The House’s permanent displays are ‘The Story of Callander House (from the 11th to the 19th century)’, ‘ The Antonine Wall: Rome’s Northern Frontier’ and ‘Falkirk: Crucible of Revolution 1750-1850’ . When we visit there will be a temporary exhibition on the Romans and one called ‘Workhorse: the Clydesdales of Flanders Moss’ of photographs by Michael Prince.

In the restored 1825 Kitchen, costumed interpreters create an exciting interactive experience with samples of early 19th century food and stories of working life in a large household.

There is a tea room and all floors are accessible by lift.

We leave Callander at 10.00 and will return no later than 16.30. Cost £10.00 payable in advance to Hilary Gunkel 01877 330798

For your prayers

Our nation at this time of uncertainty and tragedy.

Those away and those visiting the area on holiday

For members of the Preparatory Committee for the Diocesan Episcopal Election and for +Mark Strange as he takes the role of Primus in the Province


St Andrew’s Rota

Flowers: Amanda

Readers and sides persons:

Peter, Hilary and Sandra


St Mary’s Rota

Flowers: Fiona Stirling

Readers and sides persons:

Christopher and Judith Poulton


This week


Tuesday 11th July

17.00 Fellowship Group meets at Croftamie


Wednesday 12th July

10.00 Callander

Matt. 10.1-7


Thursday 13th July

19.30 Aberfoyle Vestry meets


Friday 14th July

14.30 Blessing of the Marriage of Clive Ramsay and Debbie Christofferson


Sunday 16th July

Trinity 5

Almighty and everlasting God,
by whose Spirit the whole body of the Church
is governed and sanctified:
hear our prayer which we offer for all your faithful people,
that in their vocation and ministry
they may serve you in holiness and truth
to the glory of your name;
through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Services & Readings

08.00 Balfron



10.00 Callander

Isa. 55.10-13

Rom. 8.1-11

Matt. 13.1-9,18-23


11.15 Aberfoyle

Isa. 55.10-13

Rom. 8.1-11

Matt. 13.1-9,18-23


15.00 St Mary’s Third Sunday at three concert (see above)


Wednesday 19th July

No midweek service


Future Notices

Monday 31st July

Church Outing (see above)


7th – 11th August

10.00 – 12 noon

Guardians of Ancora Holiday Club

For all Primary aged children

Games, Crafts, Stories, Songs

Online booking now open

Or contact Richard for further details.


 Linkage Harvest Supper Friday 29th September at Callander


St Andrews Christmas Fair Saturday 11th November


Our campaign to assist Start Up Stirling is ongoing to allow contributions of the following items to be delivered to the tray in church on any Sunday. Thank you to all who contribute.

Tinned meat/fish/veg/beans, soup/fruit

Dried foods

Ready meals

Cooking sauces

Breakfast cereals

UHT milk




Cleaning products

Household goods –  good quality crockery, cutlery, towels, pots and pans.

No fresh fruit nor vegetables please.