News about Coronavirus from St Mary’s


A great deal of general information is already circulating to minimise risk of
The Scottish Episcopal Church is following guidelines issued by the Church of
England relating to Sunday and other services. The following summarises this
advice insomuch as it relates to The Linkage.

  1. The sharing of the Peace at St Mary’s will only be shared verbally.
    Thereafter, any other salutation will be at the attendee’s discretion.
  2. Communion. The administration of Communion will continue, but the
    precise form of receiving will be at the discretion of the communicant.
    The options are:
    a. To decline communion and remain in the pew during administration.
    b. To receive ‘a non-contact’ priest’s blessing instead of Communion. A
    service book held in the hand will indicate this choice.
    c. To receive communion in the form of the wafer only and then depart
    before being offered the cup.
    d. To receive communion in both kinds as normal. Intinction, which is
    the practice of partly dipping the consecrated bread into the
    consecrated wine before consumption by the communicant is
    strongly dissuaded. The practice has been identified as a high-
    risk potential cause of infection.
  3. General.
    All decisions taken will be respected by Richard. Please be assured that strict
    hygiene continue to be observed by those preparing elements both before and
    after the service.
    Richard Grosse
    5 th March 2020