Pew Leaflet 18th October 2015

Sunday 18th October 2015  Trinity 20  Luke the Evangelist

READINGS: Isaiah 35: 3—6 (P.719); 2 Timothy 4: 5—17 (P. 1197); Luke 10: 1—9 (P. 1041)


Earl Haig Poppy Appeal.

Hand crocheted poppies are for sale at £4.00 and £5.00 at St. Mary’s. These can be worn throughout the year.

Contact: Julie Edmonstone

Saturday 17th October  Anti-Human Trafficking Group — Crossing Continents toCombat Trafficking conference is being held from 9.30am to      4 pm in St. George’s Tron Church in Buchanan Street. You will hear from Aidan McQuade, who is Director of Slavery International, and delegates from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe and hope to learn how we can all do our bit, no matter how small, to combat human trafficking.

It will be a great opportunity to hear from international speakers on this important issue. The conference is free and open to all.

Further detail available through Richard.

Friday 23rd October

19.30 Aberfoyle Vestry meets.

Wednesday 28th October 16.00—17.30 AND Thursday 10.00—15.30

Camphill blair Drummond

Autumn Bazaar

Blair Drummond House Cuthil Brae FK9 4UR



Friday 30th October 2015

19.30 Les Trio Blondes at St. Mary’s Church

Les Trois Blondes are the only band in Scotland specialising in Bal Musette, the French café music of Paris.



Saturday 28th November

2015 is a crucial year in the fight against climate change. This December, world leaders will meet at the UN climate talks in Paris to negotiate an international deal to limit global warming.

News of all eco congregation matters can be found at


In April of this year, George Willis wrote in the pew leaflet of his experience of meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town at the Easter Service there 20 years ago. He spoke movingly of the impact that service had on him.

Now, in October , he writes again of his memory of the conclusion of that wonderful service – the grand finale! as he calls it.

George writes:

A few months ago, I submitted an article about the most wonderful service I have ever attended in Capetown Cathedral, at Easter over twenty years ago. In it, I told you of how the Archbishop dealt with “The Peace”- it was truly wonderful,   George says.

And he continues………….. May I tell you of another facet of that quite extraordinary service, which also left such a lasting

impression on me!

At the conclusion of the service, in response to the normal sending out we, as usual, responded

…….”In the name of Christ”

He smiled his beaming smile and said

“I think you can so much better than that! – I’ll start again!” ………………….. And so he did!

In the name of Christ!” we responded – much louder this time!

Again this great smile “I’m sure you can do even better than that!”

                           It was almost like a pantomime!

This time the huge congregation , of some two thousand people who packed the great Cathedral, took a huge breath and the words “In the name of Christ!” resounded round the Cathedral almost blowing the roof off – everyone smiling by this stage!

 What a conclusion to the most extraordinary service I have ever been privileged to attend !





Many thanks to George for sharing that moving and uplifting

experience with us.


And finally, another thank you this time from Carol Seymour:

Carol would like to thank Fiona Stirling, Saffrey Miller, Susan Forsyth, Margaret Sutherland, Robin Willis, Melanie Grosse, and Gill Brown for all their hard work decorating the church for Harvest. She says: “It was fun seeing it all come together.”

Barbara writes: Carol and her team of helpers filled the church with beauty in colour and floral beauty and in the presentation of all the gifts that had been donated. It was a wonderful experience to walk in to the church and be surrounded with the fruits of their endeavours. We are indeed fortunate to have those among us who share their skills with us not just on special days but all through the year. Our thanks go to all of them.