Pew Leaflet – 4th October 2015

Sunday 4th October  Harvest Festivals

Readings: Genesis 2:18—24 (P.5); Hebrews 1:1 –4; 2:5—12

(Pp. 1201 and1202); Luke 9: 10-17 (P.1039).

Saturday 10th October

11.00 The funeral of Patrick Drummond

Richard writes:

I have been greatly heartened by your support in various ways for the occasion of my installation as Canon at Perth last Sunday: many thanks. What ever the post demands, The Linkage remains as ever my first priority.

 Harvest Festivals will take place in both churches on Sunday 4th October. Our efforts over the past weeks have been rightly focused on the plight of refugees. It should not be forgotten that there are locally those also in need. I am therefore requesting please non-perishable foods to be donated to Start-Up Stirling, I can vouch for the good work that the charity achieves. These items can be brought to church either before or on the Sunday.


The apple trees in St. Andrew’s back garden are now fruiting. To save them being wasted, please call and pick them before they fall.

Recent ‘Country Life Magazines’ are available free of charge. Please contact Richard if this is of interest.

Wednesday 7th October

11.15 Killearn

Luke 11: 1—4 (P.1042)

Saturday 17th October

Anti-Human Trafficking Group – Crossing continents to combat Trafficking conference is being held from 9.30 am to 4 pm in St. George’s Tron Church in Buchanan Street.   You will hear from Aidan McQuade, who is Director of Slavery International, and delegates from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe and hope to learn how we can all do our bit, no matter how small, to combat human trafficking. It will be a great opportunity to hear international speakers on this important issue. The conference is free and open to all. Further detail available through Richard.

Friday 30th October

19.30 Les Trois Blondes at St. Mary’s Church

Les Trois Blondes are the only band in Scotland specialising in Bal Musette, the French café music of Paris.

Tickets—£10—from or 01786 870710



Author Unknown

Yes, I thought I knew my Bible

Reading piecemeal. hit or miss

Now a part of John or Matthew

Then a bit of Genesis

Certain chapters of Isaiah

Certain psalms, the twenty-third.

First of Proverbs, twelfth of Romans

Yes, I though I knew the Word

But I found that thorough reading

Was a different thing to do

And the way was unfamiliar

When I read my Bible through.

You who like to play at Bible

Dip and dabble here and there

Just before you kneel all weary

Yawning through a hurried prayer.

You who treat this crown of writings

As you treat no other book

Just a paragraph disjointed

Just a crude impatient look.

Try a worthier procedure

Try a broad and steady view;

You will kneel in awesome wonder

When you read the Bible through.

When I read the Bible through


“Unlocking the Bible” – “a unique overview of the whole     Bible.”

The introduction to this book, contains the verses overleaf.


I think I have mentioned this book before– if I have I apologise.

but it continues to enthral me and when I pick it up for a few minutes reading I find myself unable to put it down.

The author is a David Pawson who tells how it all started in Arabia in 1957 when he was chaplain to the Royal Air Force, as he says “looking after the spiritual welfare of all those who were not C. E.or R.C. but O.D (other Denominations)   – Methodist to Salvationist, Buddhist to atheist.

How, he asks, could he get these men interested in the Christian faith and then committed to it.


So he was prompted to announce that he would give a series of talks over a few months, which would take them right through the Bible, As he says “It was to prove a voyage of discovery for all of us. The Bible became a new book when seen as a whole. As he says “We had failed to see the wood for the trees”.





An apology in advance from the pew leaflet

Getting on in years as I am, I find driving in the winter quite daunting and apologise now if the pew leaflet occasionally does not manage to‘make it’on snowy, icy, windy Sundays. It will be with you in spirit.