Services at St Mary’s & Christmas

Services at St Mary’s

Your Vestry met last evening, principally to discuss other matters.

But, the decision was made to cease holding weekly Sunday Services at St Mary’s whilst the Stirling area is in Tier 4 for Covid-19 reasons.. So there will be NO service this Sunday 22nd November

This is really sad news, especially for those who have been attending over the past few months.  Bill Rootes, who has been taking the services for us each week, has been quite marvelous in ministering to us and he is quite prepared to travel, even though he would have to cross from a Tier 3 to a Tier 4 area.  But given the need for safety, the Vestry feel that it is a sensible decision to discontinue weekly services for what we hope will be a short period of 3 weeks or so.

We hope that the Government will ease the restrictions when the current rules are reviewed on 11th December.


Subject to any change in the rules, there will be a service at St Mary’s on Christmas morning at 11.15 am.  Bishop Ian has very generously agreed to take this service for us and we are very grateful to him and his family.

There will no Carol Service this year and no Midnight Service on Christmas Eve.

There will be no service on Sunday 27th December, the Sunday following Christmas Day

If the present rules still apply, we shall be restricted to no more than 20 persons attending on Christmas morning.  Hopefully the Government will relax this  rule and if so, we should be able to return to a maximum of 50 attendees, that is if we can seat as many as that.

We shall have to plan very carefully as to whether we can seat as many as 50.  The present maximum if all come as singles, is 40 (as for Richard’s final service in October).  But if  family ‘bubbles’ exist, then we might be able to increase from 40 to 50, by seating ‘family bubbles’ in the same pew.

It is perhaps a bit early to make any plans, especially since these might well change over the coming weeks.

But if you already know who might want to come to St Mary’s on Christmas morning and how many are or will be in your own ‘bubble’ then it would be very useful to know now

I will set up a booking system nearer the time.

AGM Sunday 6th December

The AGM will be held on Sunday 6th December by way of a telephone conference call at 11.15am in place of a service at the Church that morning

Mark Seymour

Secretary to St Mary’s Vestry


Tel 01786 870710