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Remember that you are Dust and to Dust you shall return. – Ash Wednesday 17th February 2021

Remember that you are dust and to Dust you shall return – Ash Wednesday 17th February 2021

Much of the Christian year is about turning and returning; facing and looking difficulties in the eyes – and passing through to something greater and better and more meaningful.  I am not saying that this is without pain, but it is certainly with a destination address which can never tarnish and can never be taken away from us….even though it seems at times as though torments are never ending.
And all of this is also about love – in its deepest and most meaningful form – away from the romance and the flowers; and into that deeper more meaningful thing which comes with years and time and more than a little understanding.  And that love which comes with knowing and still choosing to reach in and to love; to be constant and to be present – in this world and the next.
Just as when we lose someone whom we love very dearly from the physicality of this world, we never actually lose them; so God walks with us wherever we may go and whatever we may encounter.  
We are part of one great and beautiful and cyclical creation – ever changing, ever growing, ever living – in multiple forms so that it can never quite be grasped or held or pinned down to full description and comprehension.  Rather like the love of God itself – ever present and ever evolving; constantly holding us, even when we feel darkness and distance – with us always – even until the end of time.  
And this is why our actions affect and bring about effect to each and every one of us – we are part of the whole thing of the butterfly flapping its wings at the Equator – we are integral.  
And, in the love which is shown to us in the love of God, we have (even when the going is so, so difficult, and so many things feel alien and painful) the strength to keep going, through this world without fear, and never being alone.
So, as we move through the worldly, beautiful love of St. Valentine and orientate ourselves this Ash Wednesday towards the love which knows each and every atom of us throughout eternity; let us remember that whilst this mortal life is fleeting; it is rooted and bounded by a love which will never leave us, and holds us beyond death into a new and everlasting kingdom.  
As we prepare to keep a good Lent, let us remind ourselves that ultimately all will be gathered in by Creator God who loves all of creation throughout all time.  All we have to do is be faithful to the guardianship of creation – and all living things in this world.
Hugs for Valentine’s Day, and Blessings for the Lenten period to come.