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Pew Leaflet 21st June 2015

Sunday 21st June Trinity 3

HYMNS: A&M : 224, 220, 395, 234

READINGS Job 38: 1—11 (P.538); 2.Corinthians 6: 1—13 (P.. 1161)Mark 4: 35—end (P.1006).

Collect for Trinity 3

Almighty God,

you have broken the tyranny of sin

and have sent the Spirit of your Son into our hearts

whereby we call you Father:

give us grace to dedicate our freedom to our service,

that we and all creation may be brought

to the glorious liberty of the children of God;

through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

Sunday 21st June

At least 6 gardens in Doune will be open to the public from 2—5.30 pm, with part of the proceeds going to St. Modoc’s church funds and the rest to charity.   Admission £5, children free.   Teas at St. Modoc’s, with plant stall and live music.

Sunday 28th June

11.15 St. Mary’s Holy communion

2.00 p.m.—5.00 p.m.

Scotland’s Garden Scheme: Thorntree (Arnprior) and Woodstone House (Kippen) , Stirling FY8 3JB open.

Woodstone House is bounded to the south by the old Kpen vinery wall, this is a relatively new garden of around one acre, with some species trees (including a mylberry), shrubs, rockeries and vegetables.   Wonderful views of the Trossachs.   Teas for all at Woodstone

Woodstone House is at the top end of Kippen off the fntry Road.

Thorntree garden is ALSO open on the same day jointly.   A plant stall will be open at Carol and Mark’s house at Thorntree, Arnprior FK8 3EY.       Admission £6.00 (includes both gardens) or £4.00 for one, children free.

Thursday 23rd July

Parish trip to Dunfermline abbey.   Details to follow

Friday 31st July

 7.30 Feis Fhorit Concert

Tickets £10 available from 01786870710

 Saturday 1st August Port of Mentieth Church at 7pm

Airs and Phrases—an evening of words and music

One hour programme followed by refreshments.

Tickets in aid of Port of Menteith Restoration – £15.00 each.

Children 16 and under !7.50 Tickets reserved through Jan Simpson Arntomie, Port of Menteith FK8 3RD

Sunday 20th September

St. Ninian’s Cathedral, Perth,

Richard will be installed as Synod Clerk and Canon of the Cathedral during evensong.   Details to follow.



A little bit of history

My grandmother was a feisty person. One of a big family with a father who owned a greengrocer’s shop and who was also a lay preacher. She was brought up to accept hard work in her father’s shop and to be a faithful worshipper in the local church. Her father, as a lay preacher, would go out to preach in the churches he visited on a Sunday evening and then visit the local hostelries for liquid refreshment on the way home, arriving there the worse for wear and requiring only just to be put to bed – a duty my grandmother and her sisters carried out without comment.

My father was her only child and my grandfather her rather laid-back husband.

When the war broke out in 1939 my parents deemed it sensible to bring my grandparents from their Burnley home to live with us in our Glasgow home as travel between the two areas would be well-nigh impossible. And so I got to know them very well – and admired my grandmother hugely. One of her favourite things was knitting, something she engaged in avidly during the war – knitting many, many pairs of socks and endless mittens for the soldiers. She refused to knit on a Sunday until one day when she said “Our soldiers fight for us on Sundays, so why shouldn’t I knit for them on Sundays too?” And thenceforth the knitting needles never had a day’s rest.

She retained her pleasure in the church and worshipped regularly at a little Baptist church a tram ride and then a walk from our home, never missing a Sunday.   Songs of Praise was her Sunday evening “must” and many a time she would sing a hymn right through without recourse to a hymn book – she knew them all.

But I want to tell you of a gift she gave me on my eighth birthday – it was Arthur Mee’s Children’s Bible. A rather large tome of nearly 500 pages full of illustrations many of which could be taken for photographs. It is subtitled “The Greatest Book in the World in its Own Words”. And just to quote from it: “It is a wondrous story. It is seventy books made into one. It was written by hundreds of men through a thousand years. It begins with a poem and ends with a dream, and between the poem and the dream are some of the greatest and wisest and most beautiful things that men have ever written.” Many are the pictures of Jesus as e.g. the Light of the World and The Good shepherd. There are separate sections on the lives of the apostles, Paul’s Letters, and the beautiful Closing chapters of the Bible – the Dream of St. John

Each group of chapters begins with a précis of what these chapters contain and the chapters all had sub-headings to clarify what they are about. I am ashamed to say that it is only now that I am appreciating what a wonderful gift it was. I still have it and how much pleasure I am getting from it now! Perhaps I wasn’t quite old enough to make good use of it when I was eight, but now in my eighties, I am very much enjoying it.

I wish “Grannie” was here so I could thank her.




St Mary’s and Eco Congregation

Eco-Congregation News

“Get Ready for Local Food” is the Grow Forth Network’s exciting new project, a project of Forth Environment Link.

So what is it? Our aim is to connect more communities and businesses across Stirlingshire with local food. We want to create a more vibrant, accessible local food network across the region, and also want to help ‘up-skill’ communities with food-related skills, such as growing, cooking, and wasting less food. We also want to reduce CO2 emissions from food footprints, in particular from wasting, less food, growing our own, and sourcing more local and regional produce.

How do we do this? We want to connect with individuals and communities in Stirling who might be interested in attending workshops and learning more about local food.   For each community, we would like to provide free workshops around cooking/growing/wasting-less themes.

Recruiting volunteers Also, we would like to recruit Community Food Champion volunteers – people who might be interested in gaining more skills and knowledge about food. Community Food Champions will receive enhanced training and support, so in turn they can pass along these skills and knowledge to others in their community. The types of opportunities could include training in basic food hygiene, cooking with groups, growing, foraging basics, bread making, or carbon conversations training. The opportunities will be informed by you, so let us know your ideas.


Who can be involved?     Anyone who eats! Community groups, Community Councils, Schools, community cafes, community Gardens, churches, community centres, etc. If you are keen on learning more about food, growing, cooking, eating, wasting less – we want to hear from you.

How do we get in touch?  Ashley Robinson is our community project officer – working closely with our communities on grow, cook and eat activities. If you are interested in being involved with Get Ready For Local Food, please get in touch via email: or call 01786 449 215

The business side    There is also a business side to Get Ready For Local Food headed by Nikki Kenn. Her role is to support and connect the local food businesses – producers, farmers, restaurants, shops – across the region, aiming to create a more accessible and vibrant local food network. If you are a local food producer or have a food business and are interested in becoming part of the Get Ready for Local Food then get in touch with

Or call 01786 449 215