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Wednesday 5th August 10.00 -15.00

AT Killearn Kirk Halls


in aid of Killearn Kirk

Hosted by TV personality ANITA MANNING of GWA

Bring along up to 3 of your personal treasures for valuation by five GWA expert valuers & enjoy tea, coffee & baking.

Open for five hours so pick your time!

Entry £10 on the door (non-valuation entry £2.50)


Pew Leaflet 5th July 2015

Sunday July 5th 2015  Trinity 5

We offer our congratulations to Alan Simpson of Arntomie, Port of Menteith, who has been awarded an OBE for services to education in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

READINGS: Ezekiel 2: 1—5 9P.831); 2.Corinthians 12: 2—10 (P.1165);

Mark 6: 1—13 (P.1008).


Almighty and everlasting God

By whose Spirit the whole body of the Church is governed and sanctified:

hear our prayer which we offer for all your faithful people,

that in their vocation and ministry

they may serve you in holiness and truth

to the glory of your name;

through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy spirit

one God, now and for ever.


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Tuesday 7th July St. Mary’s Church open 14.30—16.30 with chat and refreshments.

Friday 17th July

19.30 St Mary’s Vestry meeting.

Friday 31st July

19.30 St. Mary’s

Feis Fhiort ConcertTalented yng local musicias playing Scottish Traditional Music

Tickets £10 available from 01786870710 or

Saturday 1st August

19.00 Port of Menteith Church

‘Airs and Phrases’,   An evening of words and music.

Programme lasts for one hour, followed by refreshments

In aid of Port of Menteith Restoration. Tickets £15.00 each.   Children 16 and under £7.50

Tickets reserved through Jan Simpson, Arntomie, Port of Menteith, FK8 3RD.

 Saturday 12/13 September.: St. Andrews Open Doors weekend. Details to follow.

 Sunday 20th September at St. Ninian’s Cathedral at 16.30

Richard wqill be installed as Synod Clerk of the Cathedral during evensong.   Details to follow.

Friday 2nd October. Linkage Harvest supper

Sunday 4th October Harvest Festivals.



Multi-denominational Journey

The first church I was taken to as a child was a Glasgow Baptist Church. My memories of the Sunday School which my sister and I went out to halfway through the service were not inspiring and consisted mainly of playing with sand and being bored. Once a year it had a party for the children and my mother had to pretty well drag me there for I hated parties in general and this party in particular.

Then my parents moved to Hampshire and the Baptist Church being quite a distance from where we lived, they went instead to the Congregational Church which was not far from our house.

It too had a Sunday School and on many Sundays my sister and I were despatched to the Sunday School while my parents stayed at home.On the way to the church there was a small shop called The Kiosk which sold , among other things, comics. Temptation was great and on quite a few Sundays we spent our collection money on a comic and retired to the local park to read it. Much more interesting than Sunday School.

When the war broke out, my father’s job took him back to Scotland , and as I have mentioned elsewhere, my grandparents came with us.

My parents abandoned the church and I often went with my grandparents to the little Baptist Church that they attended. Small, serious with no Sunday School , I used to sit and criticise the minister’s sermon deciding where I would have done it better! But it was friendly and the people made much of me (my sister having given up on religion) and I quite enjoyed it.

Jesus was beginning to be more real to me and I was becoming more interested in this thing called religion and these people called God and Jesus.

School opened to me the grandeur of Paisley Abbey which we attended for various services and Christian occasions and in there I learned of the Church of Scotland and its rather dreary hymns . The whole atmosphere was one of solemnity and darkness and I’ve never really lost that impression. No humour, or real feeling of love, there.

Growing up and leaving home I rather left church behind and was not sorry to do so.   For a time I felt I didn’t have anything to offer me and Sundays had much more interesting things to do in them.   Ski-ing, hill-walking, gardening……

My husband-to-be, was not religious but nevertheless we attended classes in the Glasgow University run by the University Chaplain, and found them very thought stimulating. I found myself getting more drawn back to the Christian view of things.

And began to seek out a church to join. My first attempt lead me to an almost cathedral like church in Paisley – Coats Memorial Baptist church.

It was what might be called quite High Church and it was there that I was baptised. The Baptistry was in the church and I found it a most moving experience.

Some time and a few children later I sought a church nearer home and discovered Hillhead Baptist Church in Glasgow with its wonderful preacher- Kerr Spiers – and through his Ministry found a God and a belief that I did not know existed. It was like coming home.


Moving to Lanark, with no Baptist church, ,I found an Episcopal church into which I walked one Sunday, with trepidation . I was greeted with warmth and care and stayed until we moved to Linlithgow where again I found an Episcopal church of minute dimensions but a big heart.


Coming to Balfron I had to start again on the quest for a spiritual home and it was Billie Bates who guided me to St. Mary’s. When I attend an Episcopal church I feel that I can find the peace of God and Christ.


The magnificent Cathedrals I visited two years ago with their beautiful services of Evensong added to my experience .


It is so good to have such a feeling.


So when people walk into St. Mary’s perhaps looking a little tentative and unsure, maybe they are on a quest looking for a spiritual home, or just somewhere to feel welcome. Let us make sure we are there to help them and to offer the love of God and that sense of belonging and that good feeling.