You can download documents from here by clicking on the link in one of the sections below.These include the minutes of Vestry meetings, our annual accounts and AGM minutes, and other important documents
These documents are in .pdf file form.  You will need Adobe Acrobat software to open the .pdf files.  Be warned, some of the files are 2/3 mbytes in size.


Vestry MinutesAGM Minutes AccountsOther Documents
Vestry Minutes - October 2020AGM 2020
Vestry Minutes - July 2020AGM 2019
Vestry Minutes - April 2020AGM 2018
Vestry Minutes Jan 2020AGM 2017 Report & Accounts 2020
Vestry Minutes October 2019AGM 2016 Report & Accounts 2019St Mary's Constitution - 2020
Vestry Minutes May 2019 AGM 2015 Report & Accounts 2018Gift Aid declaration form
Vestry Minutes January 2019 AGM 2014Report & Accounts 2017St Mary Church Profile 2005
Vestry Minutes October 2018AGM 2013Report & Accounts 2016.St Mary Constitution 2004
Vestry Minutes June 2018Report & Accounts 2015St Marys & St Andrew's Profile 2020
Vestry Minutes April 2018 Report & Accounts 2014
Vestry Minutes January 2018 Report & Accounts 2013
Vestry Minutes October 2017
Vestry Minutes July 2017
Vestry Minutes April 2017
Vestry Minutes Jan 2017

If you need Minutes of meetings for dates earlier than those on this page please email our Secretary at

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