Linkage bulletin for week beginning 30th January 2017

Notices for week beginning 30th January 2017 


 BBC Songs of Praise

In March, Songs of Praise is coming to St Ninian’s Cathedral, Perth, for two recordings of traditional hymns. We are invited to come for one or both recordings.
The dates and times are as follows:

Rehearsal: Saturday 11th March, 2:30pm – 5:30pm
The rehearsal takes place at St Leonard’s in the Fields, Marshall Place, Perth, PH2 8AG.

Recording One: Saturday 18th March, 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Recording Two: Sunday 19th March, 2.30pm – 5.30pm
The recordings take place at St Ninian’s Cathedral, North Methven Street, Perth, PH1 5PP.

Admission will be by free ticket. To apply, Google ‘Songs of Praise Perth’ and download the ticket application form and e-mail it to
Alternatively you can post it to:

Songs of Praise Tickets (Perth), 1st Floor, Dock House, Media City UK, Salford M50 2LH.

The deadline for all ticket applications is Tuesday 28th February.

Queries please to, 0161 335 8429 or contact Richard.

Callander Flower Rota

A new Flower Rota is in the process of being produced. Elizabeth Fountain has organised this rota for many years and we thank her for the wonderful job she has done.

Start Up Stirling

Many thanks to those who have been contributing to the ongoing appeal.

For your prayers

Those who mourn

Those in hospital Bill Richardson Ward A31 Larbert Hospital

Those recovering from operations – Elizabeth Roads and Carol Seymour

St Andrew’s Rota

Readers and sides persons:

Hilary and Joan

St Mary’s Rota

Readers and sides persons:

Jonny North and David Miller


This week

Wednesday 1st February 2017

10.00 Callander

Mark 6:1-6a

11.30 Killearn

Mark 6:1-6a

Sunday 5th February 2017

4th Sunday before Lent

Lord of the hosts of heaven,
our salvation and our strength,
without you we are lost:
guard us from all that harms or hurts
and raise us when we fall;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Services & Readings

10.00 Callander 



Matt. 5.13-20


11.15 Aberfoyle

Isa. 58.1-9a


Matt. 5.13-20


Wednesday 8th February 2017 

10.00 Callander

Mark 7.14-23

Future Notices

St Mary’s Third at three series on the 19th February

Commencing 15.00

The former Tunnell Trust winners The Gliondar Ensemble (flute, oboe,
Clarinet, bassoon, horn). Details to follow.


Saturday 27th May

Advance Notice: Casting the Net Gathering

The Revd Nerys Jones writes:

 ‘Over the last few years the Gathering has been a great opportunity for church members across the diocese to exchange ideas and experiences, to learn something new together, to worship at our Cathedral and to be re-energised in ministry and mission. This year’s event on Saturday 27th May will be no exception.

John Bell, the inspirational Christian speaker, hymn-writer, and broadcaster has been invited to help us to think afresh about worship and about the way we view Jesus. There will be opportunities during the day to meet friends old and new, to find out what is going on in other churches and to explore the Cathedral.

Have fun learning new songs from all over the world, trying out a wide range of prayer activities and taking part in hands-on workshops – you may learn some new skills and perhaps discover hidden talents! The event is designed to appeal to all ages and will be a family-friendly day out. If you are interested, please look out for booking forms which will be sent to all the churches soon after Easter’.

Saturday 17th June

This is the confirmed date of St Mary’s Summer Fair. Details to follow.

Our campaign to assist Start Up Stirling is ongoing to allow contributions of the following items to be delivered to the tray in church on any Sunday.

Tinned meat/fish/veg/beans, soup/fruit

Dried foods

Ready meals

Cooking sauces

Breakfast cereals

UHT milk




Cleaning products

Household goods –  good quality crockery, cutlery, towels, pots and pans.

No fresh fruit nor vegetables please.