Linkage Bulletin for week commencing 13th May 2019

Notices for the weeks beginning 13 th May 2019

St Andrews

16.20 -18.00 Thursday 16 th May
Fellowship Afternoon

Luna Faulds Baird is celebrating her birthday and invites everyone from

the Linkage to share this with her in the Church Hall.

St Marys Third Sunday at Three Concert Series

An organ recital by David Hamilton consisting of a European miscellany
Bach, Mendelssohn Franck…

St Mary’s
Summer Fair
Saturday 8 th June

Elizabeth Roads asks:
Please could you bring donations for the raffle at the Summer Fair on
8th June to church in advance of the day to allow time for raffle tickets to
be attached and ensure there are sufficient prizes? In years past a major
buying trip has been required to ensure the raffle can proceed and that is
not really the point of a church raffle. The same few donate each year.
Thanks to those who have already donated
St Andrews

The first Sunday Service by means of a Mass Setting by Dvorak compiled
by Peter Forrester, who also presented a reflection, was much
appreciated by all who attended last Sunday. It is hoped that these
services will become an occasional but regular feature of our worship


This week

Julie Edmonstone
David Miller

Tuesday 14 th May
17.00 Fellowship Group at Beechwood Croftamie has been postponed
Wednesday 15 th May
10.00 Callander
John 12.44-end

Thursday 16 th May
Fellowship Birthday party
15.00 Sunday 19 th May
Easter 4
Almighty God,
who through your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ
have overcome death and opened to us the gate of everlasting life:
grant that, as by your grace going before us you put into our minds good
so by your continual help
we may bring them to good effect;
through Jesus Christ our risen Lord,

who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

Services &; Readings
08.00 Balfron
John 13.31-35
10.00 Callander
Acts 11.1-18
Rev. 21.1-6
John 13.31-35
11.15 Aberfoyle
Acts 11.1-18
Rev. 21.1-6
John 13.31-35
15.00 Concert (see above)

Wednesday 22nd May
10.00 Callander
John 15.1-8
Future Notices
Thursday 30 th May
Holy Trinity Church Albert Place Stirling
Dunblane Area Council Ascension Day Service
Preacher: The Right Revd Ian Paton Bishop of St Andrews Dunkeld and

Saturday 8 th June

St Mary’s Summer Fair
Our campaign to assist Start Up Stirling is ongoing to
allow contributions of the following items to be delivered to the tray in
church on any Sunday. Thank you to all who contribute.
Tinned meat/fish/veg/beans, soup/fruit
Dried foods
Ready meals
Cooking sauces
Breakfast cereals
UHT milk
Cleaning products
Household goods – good quality crockery, cutlery, towels,
pots and pans.
No fresh fruit nor vegetables please.