oly Week: a guide. Thoughts, Prayers, Resources

Holy Week: a guide.

Holy Week began yesterday with Palm Sunday.  The three days that follow lead to Maundy Thursday. The Gospel accounts are not always clear or in agreement about the events which occurred on these days. For the sake of uniformity therefore, the gospel readings follow St John’s Gospel.  

The reading for Holy Monday describes the anointing of Jesus at Bethany. On Holy Tuesday, Jesus predicts of his own death. On Holy Wednesday, Jesus predicts the betrayal by Judas to the Sanhedrin.

The Collect for Holy Week

True and humble king,

hailed by the crowd as Messiah:

grant us the faith to know you and love you,

that we may be found beside you

on the way of the cross,

which is the path of glory

Monday 6th April

Monday of Holy Week

 Reading: John 12:1-11

Tuesday 7th April

Tuesday of Holy Week

Reading: John 12:20-36

Wednesday 8th April

Wednesday of Holy Week

Reading: John 13: 21-32

Thursday 9th April

Maundy Thursday

Text of Service to be supplied

Friday 9th April

Good Friday

Text of service to be supplied

A prayer for Holy Week

Ah my dear Lord, the church is locked
but let my heart be open to your presence;
there let us make, you and I,
your Easter garden;
plant it with flowers,
and let the heavy stone be rolled away.