Rector Vacancy

The Joint Linkages of St Mary’s, Aberfoyle, and St Andrew’s, Callander, seek a new Rector, The Revd. Canon Richard Grosse having retired on 1st May 2020

We seek a Rector who will bring pastoral leadership and vision to two Highland rural charges of distinctive character but common purpose.  Our rector will have the gifts to enable the growth of these two dynamic churches, 11 miles apart, in the heart of Scotland, as they continue to serve their wider communities.

This is a Full time Stipendary Post with pension

St Andrew’s, Callander

Who we are looking for ?

Our primary objective is for spiritual guidance and pastoral leadership to strengthen Christian beliefs and lead the ministry and mission in making Christianity integral to modern life. Fundamental to this is the need to understand and motivate two dynamic and educated communities, who will respond to enthusiasm of purpose, resolve in matters spiritual and flexibility in practice. We are seeking a Rector who is inspiring, prayerful, theologically stimulating and in touch with contemporary church debates whilst still respecting more traditional approaches.

Our new Rector should identify with our present liturgies and forms of service with regard to both the scope and the musical content. However, a critical attribute will be the will,  drive and ability to look at ways of developing patterns of worship with us.

We regard the involvement of families and the development of the young church as paramount. We would like our Rector to have an interest in supporting and developing this, as well as caring for the needs of all ages within the Congregations. Our Rector should be happy to encourage outreach into the local community and society at large both in terms of our Christian commitment and our social concerns.

Key Requirements for our Rector

  • Be happy with our liturgies and forms of service.
  • Have a willingness to look at developing new patterns of worship with us.
  • Have the ability to lead, develop and empower the Ministry Team
  • You will encourage and support the Vestries and Congregations, working as a consensus
  • Be able to listen, motivate and initiate action,
  • Have a sensitive leadership style with good communication and delegation skills
  • Have a natural gift for preaching and teaching
  • Have respect  for the wide range of views within our two churches

We would like our Rector to:

  • Be both guide and companion, encouraging and developing the gifts of the Congregations in their own ministries
  • Show care and compassion, be inclusive and able to relate to both the faithful and the doubters
  • Be proactive in exploring music and hymns as part of our worship
  • Actively foster ecumenical links and inter faith dialogue
  • Have the vision and energy to use and enhance all church premises, inspiring the Congregations to use them to the full as both spiritual resource and community facility
  • Be at one with and express the spirit of their faith, celebrating the certainties and meeting  proactively the doubts and questions
  • Have a sense of humour !

St Andrew’s and St. Mary’s embrace the initiatives with which our diocese inspires us. We are ready to meet the challenges currently facing the Christian Church in a world which is losing its stability. We see potential in attracting new Members to a diverse, flexible and forward looking ministry within a dynamic community of all ages and many professions.

St Andrew’s and St. Mary’s are at one in our objectives to enhance and reinforce the Christian faith. However, within this we face different challenges and seek different ways to achieve this. Our Rector shall be able to accommodate these differences while working to reinforce the unity of the Linkage.

St Mary's Aberfoyle
St Mary’s Aberfoyle- Built 1893


A Closing date of 10th November 2020 was set for the receipt of Applications. We can no longer accept Application forms until after a series of interviews have taken place and a decison taken by Bishop Ian about an appointment

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