St Mary’s collect for aid to the refugees – revised notes and needs

Refugee Crisis

The co-ordinator for the Linkage, Anne Winther writes ‘Can you please pass on many thanks from CalAid who were thrilled by the donations that were made by the congregation last week. Approximately 14 bags were delivered to the depot near Holyrood Edinburgh this week. Collection is still continuing (collection point St Mary’s Church Room), but the list has changed and is now much broader (see below). If any member of St Mary’s is visiting central Edinburgh by car on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon over the next month, please could they consider whether they could ferry a car full of donations to the CalAid drop-off depot is open every Tuesday and Thursday 2pm – 7pm at Studio 24 24-26 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP?’

Guidance notes from the Cal Aid website.

Please read the lists of accepted donations below carefully before posting questions or making a drop-off, and please ensure donations are clean and in usable condition.  The list will be updated regularly as circumstances change, and if there is an item we are not collecting there is good reason for it.

No prior appointment is required for smaller loads, but for anybody coming with larger loads, please get in touch in advance so that we can ensure that we can accommodate you. Please don’t turn up out with the opening hours.

For monetary donations, please see our Crowd Funding page; fund raising is vital to the continuation of the project:

We ask that nobody contact us directly at the moment unless urgent while we catch up on admin and launch our new website and email address. For those who have written or called, we aim to reply to everyone as quickly as we can. Please read on for further information about the project and thank you all for your continued support!

We are a not-for-profit international humanitarian aid project working to help bring vital supplies and support to the displaced refugees across Europe, and also to challenge the largely negative and often false information being spread through the mainstream media. We wish to educate, to raise awareness and to support equality for all, because every body has the right to a basic quality of life.

We are collecting items of all kinds, and contributions towards transportation and distribution where possible, from a drop-off point. With summer swiftly coming to an end and plummeting temperatures fast approaching, many items are more vital than ever. Below are listed just some of the things most needed and items that are currently not being collected:

– Women’s sanitary pads
– Babies’ clothing
– Nappies, baby wipes
– Sheets and pillows
– Suits and formal dresses or shoes


– Large cardboard/plastic boxes, parcel tape, bin liners, labels and other items that can used for packaging donations.

– Men’s practical clothing, including warm jackets, waterproofs, trousers, belts, socks and underwear. In particular smaller sizes are more commonly required for all, so size small – medium is most useful, and bear in mind that winter is fast approaching. Please also remember that the European camps are populated largely by men, so men’s clothing and shoe’s are in much higher demand. We are collecting some women’s and children’s practical, warm clothing too, but priority is men’s.

– Men’s, women’s and children’s practical shoes (trainers and walking boots, not flip-flops, town shoes or dress shoes). Again, men’s shoes are in far greater demand.

– Gloves, scarves and hats.

– Backpacks and travel bags (suitcases are less appropriate but still useful).

– Tents, tarpaulins, sleeping bags, camp beds, sleeping mats, blankets and towels (please ensure that all are in a clean and usable condition)

– Candles, matches, torches and batteries, wind-up torches, head torches or other equipment that can be used for light.

– Basic toiletries such as hand sanitiser, soap, toothpaste, wash cloths, toothbrushes, tissues, razors and shaving foam.

– Vitamins, medicine and basic first aid supplies like plasters, bandages, antiseptic creams and over-the-counter painkillers.

– Dry, packaged and tinned food that is easily transportable and won’t quickly expire. Pulses and grains such as lentils and rice are much appreciated, and products that do not contain gelatine or pork are important.

– Camping stoves, pots, pans and utensils.

– Smart phones with sim cards, and European adaptors.

– Books in varying languages, including dictionaries and educational books.

Also, think about attaching notes, cards or letters to your donations, messages of hope and acceptance, reminders that there are people who care! Think of what many of these people are going through, and what comfort kind words and gestures can bring.


Donations to Anne Winther please – contact her direct for any queries.


Its not too late to help !!