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Coronavirus On line and Broadcast Services

Coronavirus – Updated information – On line and Broadcast Services

From the Episcopal Church in Scotland
As part of the ongoing response to the Coronavirus pandemic the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) will this Sunday (22 March) begin broadcasting video coverage of Eucharistic services via its website, social media channels and YouTube channel.  The web page for the broadcast is located at www.scotland.anglican.org/broadcast-sunday-worship

The first service, led by the Most Rev Mark Strange, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, will be broadcast at 11am on Sunday, to coincide with when many people would normally be worshipping, if church services had not been suspended earlier this week. 

The website will also contain a downloadable video and audio format of the service. A new service will be broadcast every Sunday on the SEC website, to allow all congregations to worship. We are aware that some congregations will offer their own version of online worship, but others will not have the means or resource to attempt this, hence this province-wide broadcast.

In advance of the broadcast of each provincial service, the Liturgy will be available to download from the SEC website.  We are conscious of the need to offer as much assistance as possible to those who have no access to the internet, and we encourage people to distribute the video/audio recordings and the Liturgy widely within their own personal networks. In households with no internet or playback capacity, people who can be helped by others through the provision of printed materials will have the opportunity to read the words of the Liturgy to themselves close to the appointed time, praising God along with others in the Church.

“Prayer is an important part of the tradition and spiritual life of the people of God,” said Bishop Mark. “In hard times and good times, quietly being before God with the people we love in our hearts encircles us all in God’s everlasting love and the promise of hope and salvation.”

The service will be available online after its first broadcast, followed by a new one each week, the next at 11am on Sunday 29 March.

Broadacast services – Anglican Church
Subject to outside broadcast capacity and our partners, the BBC will aim to broadcast a weekly Sunday morning church service on BBC One, and on local radi stattions

From Mark Seymour
Secretary to St Mary’s Vestry

22nd March 2020

Coronavirus – Updated information – Church services

Coronavirus – Updated information

Coronavirus Guidelines have been issued today by the College of Bishops. They are available in full at www.scotland.anglican.org/coronavirus-updates

 By way of summary, the Guidelines make the following changes to the Linkage

public worship is suspended from today in our churches.

•  Should they occur, funerals will have to be taken at the graveside or crematorium, without family presence. These can be followed by a memorial service when the situation permits.

• weddings may have to be celebrated in private or postponed until the situation changes.

• face to face meetings of Vestries and other groups and events are suspended.

The Scottish Episcopal Church will be providing online Eucharistic Sunday worship via the SEC website from this Sunday onwards.

I am anxious that everyone feels that the Linkage continues to function, albeit in a different way. Amanda Smith at St Andrews has already graciously offered practical help to anyone in need, and the same offer is extended by me. Please contact me as and when required and I will do my best to assist, whatever the difficulty

I will of course share further information as and when it is received. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers for each of you.

It is quite possible, of course, that the suspension of Services might last as long as Easter and beyond.  We will let you know if this becomes the case.

Richard Grosse
18 th March 2020

News about Coronavirus from St Mary’s


A great deal of general information is already circulating to minimise risk of
The Scottish Episcopal Church is following guidelines issued by the Church of
England relating to Sunday and other services. The following summarises this
advice insomuch as it relates to The Linkage.

  1. The sharing of the Peace at St Mary’s will only be shared verbally.
    Thereafter, any other salutation will be at the attendee’s discretion.
  2. Communion. The administration of Communion will continue, but the
    precise form of receiving will be at the discretion of the communicant.
    The options are:
    a. To decline communion and remain in the pew during administration.
    b. To receive ‘a non-contact’ priest’s blessing instead of Communion. A
    service book held in the hand will indicate this choice.
    c. To receive communion in the form of the wafer only and then depart
    before being offered the cup.
    d. To receive communion in both kinds as normal. Intinction, which is
    the practice of partly dipping the consecrated bread into the
    consecrated wine before consumption by the communicant is
    strongly dissuaded. The practice has been identified as a high-
    risk potential cause of infection.
  3. General.
    All decisions taken will be respected by Richard. Please be assured that strict
    hygiene continue to be observed by those preparing elements both before and
    after the service.
    Richard Grosse
    5 th March 2020