The Dedication of St Mary’s


The following article a was found in the Diocesan Archives concerning the dedication on the 8th of September 1893.

This charming little village, lying under the shadow of Creag Mhor, is in a fair way to be offering a new attraction and interest to the many members of our Church who so greatly frequent all the loveliest spots in Scotland during the summer months.

The Rector of St Andrew’s Callander, under whose charge the Aberfoyle district is, has for many years sought for a suitable  site, and though an opposing influence long thwarted this purpose, at last in the goodness of God’s mercy prayers and efforts have opened an effectual door.

On Friday last under favouring skies, and with a large and interested gathering of people, the chief cornerstone of a new church, from a design by Mr G.A Millar, architect, Glasgow, was laid by Mrs Wiliam Kennedy, of Aberfoyle, whose husband had been chiefly instrumental in removing the difficulties in the way and securing the excellent site, which was well worth waiting for.

Some eight years ago the mission was commenced amongst the quarriers at the slate quarries in the hills above the Clachan of Aberfoyle by the Rev. T.W.Hunter, of Callander, and his work had so prospered that it grew on the minds of all at the mission that they ought to have a place where God’s Name and Honour might rest.

In these days when it is recognised that foundations to be strong must be laid upon the hearts and desires of the people; it is of interest to  note that the impulse to build this church has come from the men who work in the quarries.

The day suggested to the Rector, as he mentioned in his very appropriate address, that when the church is dedicated it should be called the Church of St Mary.

The time arranged for the ceremony of placing the stone was made as late as possible, 7.15 p.m., to enable the men to be present after their work. Punctually a little procession issued from Mr Kennedy’s house, hard by the site of the rising building, which consisted of the Rector, the Rev. H.J. Williams, Mr and Mrs Kennedy and other friends.  A suitable service prepared by the Bishop was said by the rector , who gave a short  address on the meaning of some of the symbols in a church, especially observing that the corner-stone was the symbol of Christ ,the strength and unifying principle of the Church, the Body of Christ.

He said that the Bishop had deputed Mrs Kennedy to lay firmly and surely this stone.  Mrs Kennedy stepped forward and placing the stone in position, said in a gentle and reverent voice the appointed words.  The trowel with which the mortar was spread had been long in use by the foreman of the works: owing to it being chiefly a working men’s church Mrs Kennedy did not feel justified in receiving a silver trowel, but chose the plain instrument which had already been much used in building up the church to its present condition. A silver plaque added to it will be a happy memorial of “a day  of small things” in which this kind lady took her part.

It is much hoped that the church will  be ready for Divine service next March, and great efforts are being made that it will be entirely free from debt by that time.

These steady advances of the old Church of the country mark the slow but sure deepening of that “thin red line” of the Church and of the Apostolic Faith and Order which already stretches its Gospel net from the Tweed to the utmost boundaries of the north.

It only remains to add that the inscription on the stone, which was composed and arranged by the Rev. J. H. Skrine, Warden of Glenalmond is as follows:-

                                                       +  IN FIDE 

                                                      JESU CHRISTI 


                                                       IN HONOREM 


                                                   SEMPER VIRGINIS 

                                                     HUNC LAPIDEMIS  

                             EDITHA MARGARETA GULIELM KENEDY

                                                  PE ABERFOYLE ARM


                                             8 DIEM SEPT  Ano Dom 1893


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